Discover how easy it is to add a new revenue stream to your business by becoming a Cherokee Structures dealer. Currently looking for ambitious business owners to partner with in eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina, and southwestern Virginia.

Why Partner with Cherokee Structures?

For nearly 30 years, Cherokee Structures has become a trusted name in outdoor structures here in our region. Known for selling premium quality structures at an affordable price, our team sets each of our dealers up for success, so we can grow our businesses together.

  • Easy to sell product – Our online builder makes it easy to sell our sheds, from customizing to placing an order to tracking deliveries.
  • High ticket value – Most structures start at $5,000, and dealers get a commission.
  • Increased foot traffic – Most dealers notice a sharp increase in foot traffic to their location after adding new structures.
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Are You a Good Fit for Cherokee Structures?

We work with a variety of businesses to expand their revenue by selling Cherokee Structures – including car dealerships, general stores, and dedicated outdoor retailers. Here’s what makes an ideal location for an outdoor sales lot:

  • Frontage on a busy road
  • Parking lot with room for 5-10 structures
  • Signage visible from the road
  • Staffed during regular business hours
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Apply to Become a Dealer

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